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Motion Control

NeoDyne supply turnkey solutions for custom motion control applications. These applications typically involve controlling the position within a coordinate system. We supply both AC and DC servo systems deploying single, multi and simultaneous axis solutions. Past projects include networked drives over EtherCat and EthernetIP and traditional drives utilising digital and analog I/O. With traditional servo drive systems we can provide multiple modes including mode switching for Position control, torque control and speed control. With position control it is preferred to utilise a networked drive.

Typical systems include;
  • Material handling and conveying including velocity control and torque control applications.
  • Simultaneous axis control (Cartesian) such as CNC machine type applications.
  • Pick and place indexing type applications.
  • We can also provide SCARA, Delta, Cylindrical and Polar axis solutions.
NeoDyne can assist with the validation of the customer’s power transmission system by assessing couplings, ball screws & alignment/rigidity requirements and working with our recommended toolmaker.

The typical process is to;
  • Size the servo motor and drive combination and validate the power transmission.
  • Perform Risk assessments and other CE requirements.
  • Design the safety system.
  • Design the Electrical Panel and field requirements. (Including PLC or PC controller)
  • Deploy drive configurations and motion logic.