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Historian, InSQL, PI

NeoDyne offer Industrial Plant Data Historian solutions in conjunction with some of the world’s leading data historian providers including Wonderware (Historian), OSISoft (PI) and Rockwell Automation (Factory Talk Historian).

The target market is for companies/sites where information currently originates and resides effectively as information islands in a variety of different systems.

NeoDyne’s Historian systems bridge information islands, bringing operational, business, event, and real-time data together on to a single unified platform. Data is usually processed into business information, KPI’s, metrics and distributed via existing enterprise IT infrastructure to operators, process engineers, managers and decision makers within the organisation with remote access as required.

Indicative Features
  • Distributed data historians
  • Integrated site or enterprise wide real-time plant monitoring
  • Enterprise data configuration & management
  • Centralised reporting & configuration tools
  • KPI & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis
  • Low IT administration
  • Secure data, user authentication & electronic signatures
  • Alarm & event management