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Management Information(OEE, KPI)

NeoDyne’s Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS) solutions enable end user Lean Manufacturing, Process Performance Improvement, realtime OEE measurement and Cost Improvement business transformation initiatives.

The NeoDyne solutions provide features to manage and provide traceability for batch manufacturing in continuous/batch processes. Plant automation and Quality / LIMS systems are joined into one unified solution. The solutions are built on either Microsoft or Oracle SQL databases and are Site or Enterprise (multiple sites) wide systems providing realtime, continuous historian, product batch data, KPI’s, yields and throughput information. Existing automation and LIMS are also interfaced if applicable.

NeoDyne solutions are typically built on Virtual Architecture (VMWare, HyperV) using Terminal Servers, ACP Thin Managing, Thin Clients and with either MSSQL or Oracle RDBMS.

Modules Include:
  • Production Performace KPIs
  • Product Traceability & Reporting
  • Asset Performance Management OEE
  • Energy Management
  • Product & Process Quality
  • Process / Production Optimisation
  • Ad Hoc Analysis