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Electronic Batch Record (EBR) systems replace manually entered paper log sheets and spreadsheets with a database that also combines data directly from PLC’s and LIMS. EBR applies structured data storage to an existing process without significantly altering existing automation.

Data collected by EBR is used to facilitate process improvements and streamline the generation of batch records and traceability. Information is available realtime – the unit manager can view live updates of batch records and test results as they are input by the operator or returned by the laboratory. Product test results can be analysed in comparison with factors that influence quality and yield outcomes be they automation, manual records or laboratory results.

The NeoDyne solution, based on IEC 61512-1 batch data models, provides a robust data storage structure that will meet current and future requirements. Reports and analysis tools are tailored to the customer’s process and business needs, in some cases replicating existing paper based reports, in other cases providing strong visuals to highlight exceptions and deviations and improve manager efficiency. EBR meets increasing customer traceability demands.

Performance information if fed back to the people best able to make decisions or take corrective actions – be that unit manager, process engineer or plant operator.

Key features of NeoDyne EBR solutions are:
  • Replacement for paper log sheets and spreadsheets.
  • Meets traceability and process improvement demands.
  • Overlays existing process and integrates with existing automation.
  • IEC 61512-1 standard batch data model.
  • Integrates automation, LIMS, and existing SQL databases.
  • Plant-wide, realtime information management and analysis.