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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) enable customers to better control batch manufacturing activities. NeoDyne MES solutions are tailored to customer process requirements and typically include manufacturing instructions, recipe management, recipe download to batch automation and up to fully automated batch manufacturing with automated EBR.

The NeoDyne solution, based on IEC 61512-1 batch data models, provides robust procedure control minimising spurious holdup’s and facilitating controlled intervention. Solutions are tailored to the customer’s process and business needs, and can range from replicating existing paper based recipe manufacturing to replacing prompted instructions with full recipe controlled batch automation in part or fully.

While NeoDyne’s solution utilises out-of-the-box functionality from companies such as Wonderware, Rockwell and Microsoft, our strengths lie in tailoring solutions to meet customer’s business needs, integrating with plant automation and accommodating legacy systems.

Modules Include:
  • Order Execution
  • Production / Materials Routing
  • Production Sequencing
  • WIP Tracking
  • Genealogy / Birth History
  • Process / Production Optimisation