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Industrial Information Systems

NeoDyne Plant Information Management solutions enable end user Lean Manufacturing, Process Performance Improvement, OEE and Cost Improvement business transformation initiatives.

The NeoDyne solutions provide features to manage and provide traceability for batch manufacturing in continuous/batch processes. Plant automation and Quality / LIMS systems are joined into one unified solution.

The solution are built using Wonderware System Platform and either Microsoft or Oracle SQL database. It is a Site or Enterprise (multiple sites) wide solution providing realtime, continuous historian, product batch data, KPI’s, yields and throughput information. Existing automation and LIMS are interfaced.

NeoDyne solutions are built on Virtual Architecture (VMWare, HyperV) using Terminal Servers, ACP Thin Managing, Thin Clients and with either MSSQL or Oracle RDBMS.

Industrial Information Systems capability:
  • Virtualisation / Terminal Services / ACP Thin Manager
    – VMWare Virtualisation Platform / Microsoft Terminal Server Applications.

  • Database Solutions & Intranet Web Services
    – Microsoft SQL Databases
    – Oracle Databases
    – Web Services data interfaces ( XML)
    – Microsoft IIS and .NET framework

  • Information Management Systems
    – Wonderware Information Server, OSISoft PI, ABB Sattline

  • Plant Floor - Corporate IT Network Interface
    – Secure controlled interface using VPN, VLAN’s and corporate firewalls

  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
    – Secure remote access from outside organisation using VPN and SSL connections.

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
    – Wonderware InTouch, Rockwell RSView / Factory Talk View, Siemens WinCC.

  • MES & ERP
    – Integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).