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Industrial Terminal Server Solutions

NeoDyne is a certified supplier of full-feature centralised Thin Client and Terminal Server management solutions. Solutions have been developed on Microsoft Windows Terminal Server and Citrix platforms.

NeoDyne are Platinum Certified Integrators for ACP Thinmanager. Terminal Server and Thin Client Management software tools such ACP Thinmanager enable the Automation Team to setup, manage and maintain a Terminal Server and Thin Client architecture without dedicated IT support requirements.

ThinManager-ready thin clients offer a lower "Total Cost of Ownership" than PCs. By reducing maintenance and install time, thin clients keep downtime to an absolute minimum. ThinManager software allows you to configure and manage all connected thin clients from one central, secure server. Most management platforms only manage the server but forget about the clients. ThinManager manages both the thin clients as well as their connections to the server to create an environment that allows centralised management from anywhere in your plant.

ThinManager offers both ThinManager Mobile as well as ThinManager iTMC which will not only allow you to manage ThinManager from your mobile device, but will turn your iOS device into a full-blown, wireless client that lets you access your Terminal Server from anywhere. ThinManager WinTMC transforms any desktop PC into a virtual Thin Client.

Key benefits of Thin Client solutions are:
  • Remove vulnerable PCs, hard drives from demanding production areas
  • Use true industrial thin clients instead of PCs
  • No Windows operating systems running on the plant floor
  • Move processing to one or more central Microsoft terminal servers
  • Manage both the clients and the servers from one place
  • Thin Client replacement is quick and easy – no PC rebuilds/software installation required
  • No Application downtime when thin client offline
  • If a terminal server fails the thin client will switch automatically
  • Shadowing – Monitor any client session remotely
  • Multi-Monitor capability
  • Increased security