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NeoDyne capability for wind farms is in the area of detailed electrical design for the wind farm network and associated substation. NeoDyne have successfully completed detailed electrical design for Windfarms ranging from 15MW to 60MW with Grid connections at 38kV and 110kV. Capability includes design studies such as short circuit analysis, voltage regulation, protection co-ordination, insulation co-ordination and fault ride-through capability.

Emphasis is placed on most economic solution with for example short circuit studies completed prior to switchgear selection to avoid over-specification of grid interface switchgear. Wind farm cable sizing is completed based on the most economic overall lifecycle capitalised cost.

Typically a protection study will be carried out at project commencement to tie down the intended protection relays and the assignment of protection functions between the relays. Switchgear specifications are developed based on findings of initial studies to allow correct selection of CT ratios and the type and quantity of auxiliary interface contacts.