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Process Improvement Solutions

NeoDyne offer process improvement solutions by applying SCADA, PLC networking, Automation, APC, Continuous and Batch Historians, SQL databases and information systems together with process upgrades. Improvement projects are usually implemented under Lean Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency or similar initiatives in partnership with customer teams. NeoDyne contribute measurement, information gathering, process modelling and realtime data presentation as well as automation, process management and advanced process controls to reduce variability, reduce manual operations and optimize the manufacturing process.

Improvement Techniques
Understanding the process is fundamental to being able to propose realisable improvements. NeoDyne already have or will acquire process know-how so that we are able to apply automation and information technology with an understanding of your process and its potentials. Calculating effective performance metrics, often as part of realtime process model is a key feature. Solutions delivered to date have been for energy conversion plants, power generation, packaging lines, batch manufacturing and milk processing.

Applying effective information processing above legacy systems with a history of manual record keeping is challenged by incomplete information and unclear requirements. NeoDyne apply a process that moves the project ahead against a background on incomplete information and uncertain user requirements.

Information required to measure and manage performance is often incomplete or isolated in “islands of automation”. Information may only be available on the control room SCADA with inadequate information going to unit managers and process engineers, who are implementing improvements. Data must be accessible at the desktop, available with appropriate level of detail (granularity) and summarized in the minimum number of KPI’s. NeoDyne specialise in integrating multi-vendor platforms without having to replace existing automation. One or 10 second data is typical - 15-minute or daily interval data is usually insufficient for root cause analysis. NeoDyne effort is focused to improve the quality of information that is available to enable effective process improvements.

Appropriate level of automation should be applied based on the analysis phase e.g. all routine operations may be automation, but automating non-routine operations e.g. cleaning, may not be economic. Analysis may show that automating manual operations may significantly reduce variability, increase yield, conversion efficiency etc. The operator’s role may be advanced to take a greater role in managing and improving performance and quality with less time spent on routine operation.