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NH3 Refrigeration Optimiser

NeoDyne offer Ammonia Refrigeration process optimisation with PLC/SCADA control solution to optimise energy efficiency of screw and piston type compressor plants with evaporative condensers.

Main Features:
  • Process study to identify upgrades, remediation and change for optimum energy conversion. Refrigeration plant adapted to operate at reduced condensing head pressure to take advantage of Ireland’s cool climate. 1°C drop in condensing temperature reduces compressor kW by 3% or more.
  • Instrumentation and calculated electricity and thermal metrics to manage energy performance.
  • Online models to predict expected conversion performance for each individual component as well as the overall plant, so that deterioration can be detected and managed. Instantaneous, daily and weekly KPI’s, trended and time-averaged, ensure that high efficiency operation is sustained into the future and reveal root causes of degraded performance.
  • Condenser fan VSD control optimised for inlet air relative humidity, cooling load and condenser and compressor specific characteristics.
  • Sophisticated control scheme that minimises energy usage and units starts and keeps the most efficient units operating at the most economic point while supplying variable demand.

Electricity Consumer Indicative Breakdown Reduction Achieved Elect Savings
Compressors 70% 24% 16.8%
Condenser Fans 12% 12% 1.4%
Primary Pumps 7% 10% 0.7%
Secondary pumps 11% 10% 1.1%
Indicitave Energy Saving 20%